About Kunnasberg Language Academy

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The idea behind Kunnasberg

Erasmus and work abroad have inspired us to establish our own Language Academy. Kunnasberg Language Academy was established in 2014 in Magdeburg, Germany. The founders come from Finland and Germany. We are offering language, culture and inclusion courses in German, English, Spanish, Finnish and Swedish. We also offer business related courses. Our teachers are professional pedagogues.

How we learn and teach

Our learning groups are small in order to enable individual support for the students and to make the learning intensive. Learning always starts from the view point of the student. That's how the Kunnasberg Language Academy can offer flexibility and individual learning. Our customers come from all around the world: Argentina, Germany, Finland, France, India, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Spain, South Korea and Venezuela are only some interesting examples. Students are between 14 and 52 years old. In addition we are mentoring private- and business customers.

Everybody is welcome in the Kunnasberg Language Academy!

Our students came from:

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