Our students

Join our students with Laura, Knut and Nicola (and hundreds of others) and read their story

Name: Dr. Knut Borrmann

From : Magdeburg, Germany

Profession: PhD in Engineering

Time: 10/2015

Subject: English

Knuts story: I wanted to improve my English for my work and I chose Kunnasberg Language Academy. During one month I improved my English with daily 3 hours private coaching. My teacher was Tea and I was really pleased for my lessons. We had a lot of different kind of assignments like role games, English movies and presentations and a lot of fun. My main focus was on speaking.

(Interview: made 28.10.2015)

Name: Laura Chernicky

From: Chigago, USA

Profession: Actress

Time: 2016/2017

Subject: German

Laura is still one of our students. She has started from German A1 level and now she is in German B1.2 level. 

Name: Nicola Leone 

From: Italy 

Profession: Medical Doctor in Mölln (Germany)

Time: 2014/2015

Subject: German

Nicolas story: I came directly from Italy to Magdeburg to learn German in the Kunnasberg Language Academy. In the beginning I could only say my name in German and I studied from A1 until C1 level in the Kunnasberg Language Academy. I really liked it especially our weekly meetings after the lessons "Stammtisch". Now I am working as a Doctor in Mölln (North Germany). 

(Interview: made 23.03.2016)