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Business English is a form of English language which is related to international trade. Nowadays many companies are requiring English skills. A lot of English communication which appears in business circles all over the world occurs between non-native speakers. Our Business English focuses on different things, for example communicating in the business world, business related topics, vocabulary, trade and international relations. Business communication includes, meetings, negotiations, small talk, correspondence and report writing. In business English the grammatical rules are not that strict. The focus is on effective communication.


Our Business English Course

On our business English course, the focus is on communication; how to communicate in the workplace, small talk, correspondence and communication with your work colleagues in meetings. You will learn to be an effective communicator and widen your vocabulary. This course will also give a boost to those who are going to study other areas of the English language. Learn English with us and become an effective communicator!

Our Teachers

Our teachers are professional pedagogues. Tea Korkeakunnas has a Master in Business Administration (Human Resource Management) from Örebro University, Sweden. 

Contact the course teacher: 

Tea Korkeakunnas

Summary of the Course

Place Sternstraße 31 39104 Magdeburg Germany

You will receive the course material from Kunnasberg Language Academy


15€ / lesson (45min)

(One month 120€)


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Business English -
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