German C1 / C2

Auf Deutsch lesen

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This course is for people who have advanced knowledge in German. The course concentrates on competent language use. You will learn to use German in complicated situations. We have interesting group and individual discussions where you can learn to deal with situations which require using complicated language, and also to compare different German dialects. We also concentrate on writing and listening skills. You will learn to use your skills more independently and confidently.

Goals of the Course

  • You will be able to understand almost all topics
  • You will be able to understand spoken German, even if it is not well structured
  • You will learn how to comprehend complex topics in the media
  • You will be able to produce different kinds of texts with versatile subjects

Previous Knowledge

For this course you need an advanced knowledge of the German language (B2-level)

Course Content

  • Conversation exercises
  • Advanced Grammar 
  • Media Discussions
  • Listening exercises and reading sophisticated texts

Our Teachers

Our teachers are professional pedagogues. They collected experience in different institutions and are always delighted to teach a new language.

Responsible for this course: Sascha Licht or Christian Oehlenberg

If you have any questions about the course, please contact them!


Summary of the Course

Place Sternstraße 31 39104 Magdeburg GERMANY

Course book: Begegnungen des Schubert-Verlag C1


 7€ / lesson (45min)

(One month 112€)


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