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Hejsan! Hur står det till? Hi! How are you?

Are you interested to travel to Sweden? Then this is the right place to start! On this course we familiarize us with Swedish for travelers.The focus of the course is on basic conversational Swedish, which you will need when you are meeting people, booking your accommodation or asking a way. After the course you will be able to introduce yourself, order food in a Swedish restaurant and you are learning useful terms for travelling. Your vocabulary will increase and you are learning the basics in Swedish.

Cathedral in Uppsala - Kunnasberg Language Academy

Goals of the Course

  • After the course you are able to use basic expressions in everyday situations such as meeting people, accommodation, eating in a restaurant, shopping etc.
  • You can introduce yourself and other people
  • Ask and answer to basic questions

Previous Knowledge

You don´t need any previous knowledge to participate in the course.

Course Content

  • Conversation exercises
  • Writing sentences
  • Listening and reading interesting texts
  • Focus on Traveling

Our Teachers

Our teachers are professional pedagogues. They have been living long time in Sweden and graduated from Örebro University, Sweden. Oehlenberg has taught in Mälardalens högskola, Sweden.

Contact to course teacher: info@kunnasberg.de Christian Oehlenberg or Tea Korkeakunnas

Summarize of the Course

Place Sternstraße 31, 39104 Magdeburg, GERMANY
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End Date -


Group size

Max. 7 persons


You will receive the course material from Kunnasberg Language Academy

Price  13 € / lesson (45 minutes)

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